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Bioelectrochemical systems - interview with Abraham Esteve Núñez and Sebastià Puig

Electrobioremediation and Bioelectrostimulation: Bacteria Against Pollution ⚡️

Does it sound intriguingly and mysterious? Imagine this: bacteria harnessed to combat pollution and environmental challenges, all fueled by the power of electricity. 🦠⚡️ What's even more amazing is that bioelectric stimulation propels these microscopic heroes into action against environmental pollutants.

This innovation isn't just a distantconcept - it is already on the path to commercialization! There's potential to push the boundaries further, with collaboration with claster of Nymphe project. Together, we're committed to enhancing bacteria's pollutant-degrading prowess, potentially revolutionizing the way we tackle environmental challenges. 🚀

All this, in service of nature and a cleaner world! 🌍💚

We invite you to watch the all interview with Abraham Esteve Núñez from Metfilter S.L. (METFI) and Sebastià Puig from University of Girona (UdG) to discover fascinating world of electroremediation.

Stay tuned for more updates on bioremediation and pioneering research within the Nymphe project, which combine nature with technology.

Let's work together for greener tomorrow!


Metfilter S.L. (METFI), Spain METFI is a technological company established by the IMDEA Water public research institute in Spain and the Center of New Water Technologies Foundation. It aims to develop water purification systems based on microbial electrogenesis and solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatments.

University of Girona (UdG), Spain

UdG is a European expert in bioelectrochemical pilot systems. They will develop tubular BES systems to target microplastics and micropollutants. The objective of UdG is to steer the bioremediation process regarding removal rates, treated daily flow, and efficiencies.


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