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BioBio 2024 – Join Us Next Week!

Updated: Jun 25

7th International Symposium on Biosorption and Biodegradation/Bioremediation – BioBio 2024 is coming soon!

Next week, researchers from around the globe will gather at the 7th International Symposium on Biosorption and Biodegradation/Bioremediation (BioBio 2024) to exchange knowledge, establish interdisciplinary contacts, and foster international collaboration in the field of biosorption and degradation.

The symposium is organized by the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (UCT Prague), a proud partner of the Nymphe project. The event will serve as a unique platform for showcasing the latest advancements and innovative approaches in bioremediation, biodegradation, and biodeterioration research.

NYMPHE Fourth General Assembly

One of the of BioBio 2024 will be the NYMPHE Fourth General Assembly. NYMPHE partners will present updates on activities performed in each task, discuss upcoming milestones, deliverables, and intermediate reports, and plan the next years of the project.

Alongside the NYMPHE General Assembly, the official event of the EU Bioremediation Project Cluster, titled "The Potential of Bioremediation for Clean Soils and Groundwater in Europe," will take place. This event will be held on June 20th from 8:30 to 12:30, featuring members of the EU Bioremediation Cluster, including MIBIREM, SYMBIOREM Project, BIOSYSMO Project, EDAPHOS, and ISLANDR Horizon EU.

This workshop will highlight the significant potential of bioremediation in creating healthier soils, cleaning up groundwater and improving air quality. This environmentally friendly approach leverages natural processes and microorganisms to remove contaminants without harming delicate ecosystems.

Keynote speech by Giulio Zanaroli

During the event, Giulio Zanaroli, NYMPHE coordinator from the University of Bologna (Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna), will present the latest advancements of the NYMPHE project.

Panel Discussion on Bioremediation

The event will also feature a panel discussion where representatives from the EU bioremediation cluster projects will discuss:

  • The use and release of bacteria, microbes, and GMOs for (bio-)remediation purposes in the environment.

  • The scientific implications of using classical enrichment, single strains, or artificial bacteria microbiomes for (bio-)remediation of pollutants on contaminated sites.

  • Implementation and regulation barriers to consider when up-scaling or implementing different (bio-)remediation systems on a large scale.

Bioremediation Cluster Workshop agenda
Download PDF • 367KB

The EU Bioremediation Cluster

The EU Bioremediation cluster gathers six key ongoing bioremediation projects funded by the European Commission: MIBIREM, SYMBIOREM, BIOSYSMO, NYMPHE, EDAPHOS, and ISLANDR.

Save the date and mark your calendars! We look forward to meeting you in Prague for an inspiring event! 🌍


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