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Bioremediation Workshop - Save the Date


Date: 24 of January 2024

Time: 12- 2.30 p.m.

Venue: Madrid, Spain

Join us ON-SITE or ONLINE!


12:00–12:05 p.m. | Welcome and introduction

Welcome from local host and project coordinator

12:05–12:30 p.m. | Introduction to the topic

  • "Define the scene – problem of environment pollution" - Marcus A. Horn, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover (LUH), Germany,

  • "Introduction to bioremediation and its techniques" - Giulio Zanaroli, University of Bologna (UNIBO), Italy,

  • "Introduction to NYMPHE project and expected results" - Giulio Zanaroli, University of Bologna (UNIBO), Italy.

12:30–01:10 p.m. | Session I – Development of Nymphe‘s bioremediation strategies

  • "The Nymphe biologics" - Joana Luísa Pereira, The University of Aveiro (UAVR), Portugal,

  • "Genetic toolbox for the improvement of biologics" - Tomás Aparicio, CNB-CSIC, Spain,

  • "Development of systems of biologics to tackle complex contaminations" - Philippe Corvini, School of Life Sciences (FHNW), Switzerland,

  • "Microbiome modelling and management to improve systems’ performance" - Silvia Cretoiu, Blossom Microbial Technologies (BLOM), the Netherlands.

1:10–01:50 p.m. | Session II – Assessment of Nymphe‘s bioremediation strategies

  • "Field/pilot testing and techno-economic assessment of Nymphe‘s bioremediation strategies" - Hana Horváthová, Centre of Environmental Services, Ltd. (CENV), Slovakia,

  • "Environmental and ecological assessments of Nymphe‘s bioremediation strategies" - Robin Kyclt, ABITEC, s.r.o. (ABI), Czech Republic,

  • "Social assessment of Nymphe‘s bioremediation strategies" - Patrick De Boever, Perseus (PERSE), Belgium

  • "Ecological assessment of Nymphe‘s bioremediation strategies" – Florin Alexandru, Ademed - Association for Development and Environment (ADE), Romania.

1:50–02:30 p.m. | Session III – Discussion and feedback from stakeholders


The EU-funded Nymphe project (New system-driven bioremediation of polluted habitats and environment) explores innovative nature-based bioremediation solutions to revitalize land and waters affected by deep environmental contamination.


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