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Circular Talks - Bioremediation as an effective tool for a clean environment

On 12 September 2023, the ECESP leadership group on Bioeconomy invites you to discuss how to clean the environment with the nature based solution and achieve zero – pollution future. Participants will find out how to reduce microplastics or pharmaceutics contamination from the soils and water.

About topic:

Bioremediation shows promising potential for the circular economy. It could help address environmental pollution while promoting resource recovery and sustainability.

The process utilises living organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, or plants, to break down or neutralise environmental pollutants and, in so doing, help restore contaminated sites, including soil, water, and air, to their original or improved condition. The process can reduce the negative impact of pollution, conserve ecosystems, and enhance biodiversity, all of which are crucial components of the circular economy.

Another benefit of bioremediation is its many possibilities to contribute to a more circular use of resources. For one, the microorganisms used in the process facilitate the recovery of reusable valuable resources from many environmental pollutants like industrial waste or wastewater. This approach also minimises waste generation, reduces the need for new resource extraction, and contributes to a more circular use of resources.

During the event, the experts will present innovative solutions of bioremediation and how to implement them in sustainable way.

You can have an active role in the webinar as well - taking part in opinion poll, share your concerns and ask the experts. We want to hear your opinion about such solutions to fight with broadly spread pollutants.

Join us to explore the world of bioremediation!

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