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GREENER Conference & EU Bioremediation Projects Cluster Workoshop

The GREENER conference is official side-event to BioRemid 2023 of the EU bioremediation project cluster. Conference is a presentation of main results of the project, integration of several approaches, scaling methodology, sustainability aspects and future prospects.

The project GREENER proposes the development of green, sustainable, efficient, and low-cost solutions for soil/sediment and water bioremediation, by integrating several remediation strategies with innovative bio-electrochemical technologies. The project will effectively accelerate the remediation time of a range of organic and inorganic pollutants of high concern, while producing useful end-products, such as bioelectricity and/or harmless metabolites of industrial interest.

To achieve such an ambitious goal, organisms with high bioremediation ability will be identified and isolated. The influence of physico-chemical factors on the treatment effectiveness will be evaluated and proof-of-concept experiments will be performed to define optimal integrated solutions at the lab-scale. A combination of the most promising technologies will be up-scaled and tested on the field. Finally, life cycle analyses will demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of the solutions suggested.

After the conference, the EU Bioremediation Cluster Workshop will take place. This workshop is organized by seven ongoing and recently completed EU projects - MIBIREM, BIOSYSMO, SYMBIOREM, NYMPHE, ELECTRA, EiCLaR, and GREENER.

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