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Microbiomes and Microbiome Modeling - interview with Alexandre Jousset

Soil Health Challenges: playing SimCity with microbiomes🌱

Imagine delicious veggies on your plate. You relish this meal, confident in nourishing your body, but wait… don't you remember that our agricultural soils are supercontaminated? Your salad could potentially comprise a mixture of dioxins, heavy metals, and pesticide residues.

Certainly not the culinary delight you expected, right?

But, keep calm and trust the science and bioremediation! 🍀

Within every gram of soil, is a bustling microbial community exists, capable of joyfully breaking down pollutants. These unsung heroes cleaning up the soil, but we can help them further.

How? Through Biomodeling 🌟

We generate digital replicas of these microbial communities, simulating their interactions to identify treatments that boost their cleansing capabilities within the soil.

Dive into the full interview with Alexandre Jousset, Blossom Microbial Technologies (BLOM), the Netherlands.


BLOM is a spin-off of Utrecht University, consisting of passionate plant scientists, microbiologists, and horticulture specialists dedicated to improving plant production.

The team has developed proprietary bioinformatic tools to decipher interactions within the microbiome and predict the sustainability of bioaugmentation, which will be used in the Nymphe for developing microbiome management strategies (improvement strategies at system level).


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