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The Greener conference and the CLUSTERING Workshop

The Greener conference and the CLUSTERING Workshop has just concluded!

GREENER Conference & EU bioremediation projects Cluster workshop was a satellite event of the BioRemid 2023 conference. Workshop, organized by seven ongoing and recently completed EU projects - MIBIREM, BIOSYSMO Project, SYMBIOREM Project, Nymphe, #ELECTRA, EiCLaR H2020 project, and GREENER Project H2020 – provided a platform for the presentation of their groundbreaking bioremediation solutions aimed at cleaning up Europe's environment.

The workshop commenced with concise presentations by the project coordinators, highlighting the key aspects of each project. Subsequently, the recently launched Horizon Europe projects outlined their planned bioremediation innovations, while the Horizon 2020 projects shared the significant outcomes achieved through their respective initiatives.

Following the presentations, a dynamic discussion ensued regarding the crucial role of bioremediation in creating healthier soils, cleaning up groundwater, and improving air quality. By offering environmentally friendly approaches to remove contaminants from the environment, bioremediation holds immense potential to support Europe in achieving its zero-pollution ambitions.

It was very inspiring and valuable meeting, which gives us hope for better and cleaner future!



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